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Concierge Medicine

All the services of a primary doctor, plus so much more.

At Goodwin Medical Center, we provide all types of care, from concierge medicine, emergencies to the common cold, and everything in between. Our Concierge Members have access to a range of medical services that go above and beyond that of a regular primary care office to offer our members the best in healthcare.

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Urgent And Emergency Care

At Goodwin Medical Center, we know life is unpredictable. Emergencies never come at a convenient time, that’s why we ensure members of the Goodwin Medical Center can access care 24/7. We make sure our team is available to you or your family when you need us the most. Dr. Goodwin was a full-time emergency medicine doctor at NHC Hospital in Naples. She is trained to treat any emergency situation, no matter how big or small.


On-Site Evaluation & Treatment

No need for a trip to the emergency room. Goodwin Medical Center has a majority of the equipment necessary to diagnose and treat you without a stressful trip to the E.R. Our team is ready to read and interpret your results as soon as your test is complete, giving you answers and peace of mind faster.

The physician is examining the laboratory results of the patient.

Rapid Lab Testing And Screening

Our members have access to convenient testing and screening for various concerns, including EKG, Urinalysis, Rapid flu, Rapid Covid, Rapid Strep, STIs, and more. As soon as your results are available, they will be reviewed by our team and shared with you. If necessary, our team will also prescribe and review a course of treatment.

The doctor is administering a test to evaluate the patient's condition and determine the appropriate course of treatment.


We provide complete support and medical management of COVID infections. We offer a rapid COVID test for same-day results or a molecular lab test (PCR/NAAT) for results within days. When one of our members tests positive for COVID, we counsel them on the most up-to-date guidelines and treatments depending on severity.

he doctor is currently examining the patient's blood pressure to ensure it is within a healthy range and to monitor for any potential issues.

House Calls

With Goodwin Medical Center, doctors making house calls is no longer a thing of the past. We offer house visits to our members so that they can receive medical care in the comfort of their homes. Our team is able to perform in-center level care from your house, including stitches, bloodwork, cancer screenings, and other diagnostic tests.

The doctor is administering a test to evaluate the patient's condition and determine the appropriate course of treatment.

24/7 Virtual Visists

Have a question about a medication or symptoms you’re experiencing but can’t make it to the office for a visit? Need a prescription, but you’re out of town? Our concierge medical practice specialists are available to you 24/7 via telehealth visits. You can schedule these appointments anytime if you need advice or a second opinion. We are here to guide you through any medical problem or situation that may arise.

Nurse carefully reviewing and analyzing detailed customer medical history and symptoms to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment plan"

Organize Access To Specialists

Our office has close connections and regularly works with a vast network of highly qualified medical specialists across Florida. This means that whenever you need to be seen by a specialist, we are able to help arrange your care.

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Care Coordinator

Navigating the medical system is complex. From appointments to tests to insurance, we are well versed in the challenges that patients face when deciding on their course of care. That is why Goodwin Medical Center started a care coordination service. You have enough to deal with in your day-to-day life. Let us handle the coordination of your medical care across treatment providers.

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Patient Advocacy

Your care continues even when you are outside of our practice. We are there every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best care possible, no matter where you are.

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Complementary Emergency Visits For Visiting Family Members

What happens when a visiting family member, away from their home and primary care doctor, experiences a medical emergency? We know how scary these situations can be and want to ensure that your family is treated like a member of our family. As a member of the Goodwin Medical Center, your benefits extend to visiting family members that find themselves in a medical emergency.

Our Happy Patients

We take care of our patients just like a family member. Read the testimonials from our patients.

This doctor has the world's best bedside manor.She is kind professional and devoted her entire attention to you during your visit.I hot the jackpot when I found her.

I’m so happy to have Dr. Goodwin as my doctor. She is very thorough and knowledgeable as well as having excellent bedside manner. I feel at ease knowing my health is in her hands! Her staff is amazing and the office environment is very welcoming!

Been going to Dr Goodwin for several years now. Great doctor. Love her and Rosie. Great people

As my acknowledge Goodwin Center is a good place where I have been getting good results. Dr. Nancy and her sttaf are excellent professional as friend as well.