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Meet Dr.Goodwin

Dr. Goodwin is a Board-Certified Physician in Internal Medicine, Aesthetics-Anti Aging, and Emergency Medicine. She is the founder of Goodwin Medical Center, a Premier Concierge Internal Medicine Practice, and Inside Out Med Spa, an Anti-Aging Aesthetic Practice. Dr. Goodwin has been practicing medicine for over 16 years. She received Florida’s Top Doctor Award in 2018 and Naples Illustrated Top Doctors in 2021 and 2022. She has privileges at NCH and Physicians Regional and used to work full-time at NCH’s Emergency Room. Her double certification distinguishes her from other Internal Medicine practitioners by having more comprehensive experience with acute illness presentations and emergent treatments. She is comfortable treating acute conditions, cardiac arrests, and chronic illnesses.

Dr. Goodwin believes in avoidance of excessive medication, recommending treatments respected by the medical establishment, and openness to natural remedies. She is motivated to help her patients achieve wellness and longevity primarily by lifestyle modification. She promotes exercise, a healthy diet, and socialization as the primary methods of disease prevention.

Dr. Goodwin believes her role is to team up with her patients and support them in reaching a happy balance and their goals as a concierge physician. Dr. Goodwin provides an excellent standard of care medicine customized for her patients’ needs and preferences. She has gained broad experience working in various challenging ERs.

Over the years, Dr. Goodwin has become passionate about counseling friends, family, and patients in their physical, emotional, and mental health. Dr. Goodwin empowers and motivates people and helps them identify their inner strengths and virtues. She treats the “whole patient” because their state of mind is as important as their physical being. Additionally, as an Emergency and Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Goodwin can help with a comprehensive approach to issues from laceration repair to treatment of chronic illnesses. She understands that the community has been evolving, and patients have more access to medical knowledge and more control over their health decisions. Medicine is more modernized, and doing less is sometimes preferable. Dr. Goodwin will tailor to your specific medical needs, create a comfortable, unhurried environment, and strive to exceed your healthcare goals.

Dr. Goodwin received a Fellowship at the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians in 2017


Dr. Goodwin also received another fellowship from the American College of Osteopathic Internist in 2020.


She completed her Double Residency in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the Henry Ford System in Warren, Michigan. She served as Chief Resident during her Residency training.


Prior to earning her Double Residency, she completed an Anatomy Fellowship and earned her Medical degree at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


As a medical student, Dr. Goodwin had numerous leadership roles as a class representative and committee secretary, and became involved in Medical Missions to Jamaica.


She received her undergraduate degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida.