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“Balance for Happiness” is Dr. Nancy J. Goodwin’s principal belief. As a female doctor, daughter, wife and mother of two boys, she has had to learn this principle.

Dr. Goodwin: Concierge Internal Medicine

Dr. Nancy J. Goodwin


Dr. Nancy J. Goodwin, DO, FACOEP, FACOI

Everything in our life is important, our children, our spouse, our careers and ourselves. However, taking care of ourselves sometimes falls last.

Having a healthy, optimistic sense of self, helps us achieve happiness and defeat obstacles. A great Physician understands that staying healthy, active and happy should not only be a goal but should become a lifestyle. We are all unique with different qualities, ailments and identified goals.

Dr. Goodwin believes her role is to team up with her patient, and support them in reaching their individual goals and a healthy balance. A Physician is trained to help a patient make informed decisions about their healthcare. The power is not taken away from the patient, but through their training, they are available to assist in their patients’ choices. Dr. Goodwin provides excellent standard of care medicine that is customized for the needs and preferences of her patients. She has gained broad experience working in various challenging ERs and is now opening her practice to continue pursuing her love of long-term patient care.

Over the years, Dr. Goodwin has become passionate about counseling friends, family, and patients not only in their physical health but in their emotional and mental health as well. Dr. Goodwin empowers and motivates people, and helps them identify their inner strengths and virtues. She treats the “whole patient” because their state of mind is as important as their physical being.

Additionally, as an Emergency and Internal medicine physician, Dr Goodwin can help with a comprehensive approach to issues from a laceration repair to treatment of chronic illnesses. She understands that the community has been evolving and patients have more access to medical knowledge and more control over their health decisions. Medicine is more modernized and doing less is sometimes more preferable. Dr. Goodwin will tailor to your specific medical needs, create a comfortable unhurried environment and strive to exceed your healthcare goals.