Internal Medicine Doctor

An internal medicine doctor in Naples, Florida has a lot of competition. But leading the pack is without a doubt our Dr. Goodwin. Internal medicine is a broad field and as a result requires a lot of extensive knowledge and foresight to diagnose the issues at hand. Dr. Goodwin mastered internal medicine as well as emergency medicine. She knew that a dual certification would give her a better chance at helping those in need.

This comes from her unique but common sense approach to internal medicine. While Goodwin Medical Center is the best in its field, it is largely in part to this unique approach. Most of the time, an internal medicine doctor chooses to specialize in internal medicine and defer all other treatments to specialists. Dr. Goodwin is double certified, and this contributes to her philosophy of “Balance for Happiness.” This allows her to make sure she is capable of treating the entire patient, and thus determine the best course of follow-up treatments and cures.

Creating a force of knowledge and a tier one medical center is no easy feat, especially one that has as many services as Goodwin Medical Center. Patients can receive annual wellness exams, well women exams, bone density screening, cancer screening, cholesterol treatment, and many more primary care treatments. In addition, emergency and urgent care type services are provided. These are but not limited throat infections, lacerations, fracture care, abscesses, lacerations, and more. If you’re curious to the extent of treatments possible at the Goodwin Medical Center, you can find out by going to our services menu.

Furthermore, there’s even more comprehensive appointment times with minimal wait time. You can find 24/7 access to a physician with access to personal line. There are same day appointments, home visits when necessary, personalized coordination of care, and in house labs. The best preventative and wellness care is found at the Goodwin Medical Center. You can reach us online through our contact form, through email at, and over the phone at 239-692-9096.